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face to face

she draws her jagged sword..to face her ultimate enemy..the one that triggers all her fears and insecurity..she draws her sword...at her true enemy..her really nemesis..scared and bleeding her foe lift its head.."have you come to challenge me once more..?"..the girl knows what this demon speaks of ..she lifts her head .." i will put an end to your suffering.."..the demon smirks.."don't you mean yours?"..the girl attacks head on butt the demonis not as weak as she think it might have been.."this love has made you weaker..slower..i will rid you of this burden and.."..the girl strikes again.."No!..this love..i don't want it to go away!!..it's not like it use to be!!"...the demon strikes..

"look at you..you sound like an abused spouse..how certian are you that you're the only one she sees right now..she said that to you before and you ate it up..your stupid naive self!!"

the girl falls to the ground..breathless..how sure could she be?..who's to say she's not being played right now?..."love..."

the girl closes her eyes..that voice..it's so relieving..

"love your the only one who believes in me.."

"love you don't know how important you are to me"
"love you trust me right?"


the girl lifts herself up..she wobbles..and grabs her sword..she lifts it up..with tears in her face with all her might she yells..

" i do.."

the demon looks at the now little girl with confusion..a form this demon has never seen before..

" what do you speak of?"

the girl points her blade at the demon..

"you know..i don't know why i'm so certain that she see's only me...i'm not beautiful..i'm super emotional..i don't have a care..i don't give good advice..i'm not good at anything and i'll never be good enough for her..but for some reason she's still with me..she made me human.."

the demon rises in anger

"and thats why you hurt thats why you're different..you never know how to feel about anything you never notice the hurtfull things she's doing to you and yet you stand hear defending her!!.."

"SHUT UP!!..no one said it was going to be easy..this is something i accepted a year ago ..i would rather hurt from love a billion times than to be dead..lifeless..a walking ghost..if she is hurting me on purpose..if she is being unfaithful..than she will pay for it..But not by my hands..i see her and i feel like she really loves me.."

"BAH! she'll leave you after she's done milking you..you're nothing but a convenience to her..she'll always put a beautiful person before you..she only see's how you can benefit her..and your just going along with!"

the girl falls again...

"that maybe true..but you'd have to be completely empty to do something like that to anybody..i want you to rest now..i know you hurt...and i'm sorry..i'm so sorry..but i promise you..i will make you're suffering en.."

the demon strikes with tears

"SHE BETRAYED YOU ONCE ALREADY!!WHY MUST WALK INTO THE LION'S FANGS AGAIN!!...THE PAIN WE ENDURED!!..WE LOOKED LIKE FOOLS....we must you risk it again!! what's to say she's not empty..you can't endure anymore pain..i can't!!"

the girl swings her sword

"but nothing is ever certain...that's what it means to live..i love her..i fell in love with who she has become..and if i am being deceived than i hope she gets what coming to her..but for some reason i feel like she's not.."

the demon falls

"i feel like she is...she has replaced you and you don't even see it.."

everthing is still...
the girl has drawn her sword at her ultimate enemy and the one thing that she doesn't know how to defeat...her sword is drawn at the neck of her enemy...

"please leave us be...i don't want to live in insecurities anymore..i don't want to feel nervous everytime she doesn't call or sounds uninterested in what i'm saying..i want to be normal.."

..at the neck of her true enemy...

"fool...you can't.."


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