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all i can hear is the sad sounds of these violins

finally a real update..no lyrics..heh..sorry i couldn't describe myself any other way..sorry..heh seems thats all i'm good for these days huh?...hmm anywho..things are kinda ok..i feel crappy right now..oh well i'll get over it..how can you say "but what i think doesn't matter" when u know it does..u say it's partially my fault..maybe it is maybe it isn't..what do i think?..it doesn't matter...heh that last line makes me sound angry..but i'm not..i'm just confused..a part of me says it's my fault and another tells me it's not..a classic battle don't you think?..i can't help but dwell on it..i guess another thing i'm good at..well..what do i do now??..i don't really know..i tried..but maybe she's right maybe i didn't try hard enough..maybe i did..see there's the other side..how am i not suppose to feel bad knowing that you feel like it's partially my fault?..i feel ignorant..because it probably is my fault..because everything is my fault..everything bad is my fault..everytihng is beautiful as long as i'm not there..::sigh:..i don't even know if i was being sarcastic right now..ehh..i still can't describe myself with words..none of this seems to make sense to me..but i'll post it anyway and be on my merry way...i guess..

..maybe a picture would've helped...

...i know the music does...

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