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i'll naw at these chains if i have to

Something inside the cards
I know is right
Don't want to live
Somebody elses life
This is what I want to be
And this is what I give to you
Because I get it free
She smiles while I do my time

I could die for you
Oh this life I choose

I'm here to be your only go-between
To tell you of the sights
These eyes have seen
What I really want to do is
Turn it into motion
Beauty that I can't abuse
You know that I'd use my senses to
You can see that
It's only everywhere
I'd take it all and then
I'd find a way to share

Come along and go
Along with me
Wander with me yo
It's all for free

I could die for you
Whatchu wanna do
Oh this life I choose

Come again and tell me
Where you want to go
What it means for me
To be with you alone
Close the door and
No one has to know
How we are

Come along and go
Along with me
Wander with me yo
It's all for free

I could die for you
Whatchu want to do
Oh this life I choose

i told my mother that i am moving out in april..and she told me that i'm trying to live someone elses life..that i was only leaving because melissa brain washed me into it..that i can't make my own decisions yet..because i'm still too imature..oh yeah ..i forgot to tell u guys..i'm movin out..anywho..happy birthday kym..20 years older one day shorter..i'm sorry big sister i didn't mean to tell her on your birthday..i'm really sorry..love i'm sorry i hung up so fast..i was telling mom about my situation..she says my reasons aren't good enough for leaving..oh well..i was never good enough to you so this isn't any different..i don't have to be good enough for you..not anymore..and so that song up there is for my mom and for my love and for all of you..alittle for everybody..::sigh::..well it's back to working on the comic and my license

..i feel like i'm gonna start a new life..

..in 3 weeks...

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