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bummed it off of ezekiel

name: Tammy
nicknames: timmy, chapiz, stimpy,tamifer..tamilia...etc
parents: Beatriz and miguel
age: 18
birthday:Oct 10
eye color: dark brown
siblings: kym and mikey
how do you describe yourself:idiot
what's your sign?:libra
contacts?: no

Have you ever.....

fallen for your best friend?:no
made out with JUST a friend?: no
been rejected?:mmm yeah i guess
been in love?: yeah
been in lust?: not that i know of
used someone?: yes
been used?: yeah..
cheated on someone?:no
been kissed?: yes
done something you regret?:not yet

Who was the last person......

you touched?: kym
you talked to?: argento
you hugged?: kym
you instant messaged?: argento
you kissed?:my love
you yelled at?: mikey
you laughed with?: mikey and kym
you had a crush on?: my love
who broke your heart?: my love

Do you......
color your hair?: not anymore
have tattoos?: yes a cow
piercings?: only my ears
have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: yes
.. own a webcam?: i think we do
.. ever get off the damn computer?: yeah...
sprechen sie deutsche?: ...yes...
.. habla espanol?: si

What are......

you wearing: pjs
current mood: awkward
current music: novelas
current taste: of...?
current hair: nappy
current annoyance: mikeys face
current smell: my farts
current thing I ought to be doing: ..beating mikey
current desktop picture: kyo and iori
favorite band/group: the mars volta
current book: scud head
current dvd in player: mmm my wild arms 3 is in there
current worry: carlos
current crush: my love
current favorite celebrity: vinny jones


food: chicken
drink: water
color: purple
shoes: adidas
candy: pre diabetic
animal: birds
tv show: family guy samurai champloo
class: art
vegetable: carrots

Are you......

understanding: i try
open-minded: hope so
arrogant: at times
insecure: all the time
interesting: probably not
hungry: no
friendly: depends if i'm moody
smart: maybe
moody: not that time of the month
childish: heh yeah
independent: not completely
hard working: ehhhh..sometimes
organized:only in a time way
healthy: NOOOOO
emotionally stable:ehhh i try
shy: sometimes
difficult: probably
bored easily: mm not really
thirsty: a little
responsible:hope so
sad: not really
happy: mmm alittle
trusting: no
talkative: depends who u are
original: naahh
different: no just there
unique: i wouldn't say so
lonely:not really
a naked bum who likes to run around naked: old guy taking a dump
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