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finally..a real post..like you guys care..heh..anyway sorry i've been kinda not here for months with work and school and stuff i guess i kinda forgot about the journal..well alot but then again not alot has happened..my woman has stopped talking to denise..i'm proud of her..but i know this isn't the end..anywho i failed all my classes in college..but i met alot of interesting ppl..my loved moved out into the little back room..it's a really nice place..the bed kinda sucks..mmmmm what else what else...oh yeah jorge came back and it's been really fun...but...lately i've been feeling unimportant and unexistent..like i'm fading away..i sometimes wonder if maybe..if i wasn't melested..maybe i wouldn't feel like this..lately i've been feeling like there's something deep down spreading inside me..like if i ripped through my skin and into myself i could grab it and pull it out..it's something i could do without..it really sucks cause i know my woman has to put up with it..and i feel like it ruins her day..and i guess i just don't feel like..i feel like a chore sometimes..and i hate myself for it...grrrrrrrrr..i can't blame this on being melested..i hate doing that..ehhhhhhhhhhh ...heh if i was just a little bit stronger..alittle bit smarter..alittle bit thinner..then maybe........

my poor live journal is but a mere scape goat to me...

..sorry journal...but i won't call you stupid =)...

ahhhhh what a great way to come back huh?


can you see tha caution tape?
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